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Mourinho sells Smiling and Jones, they have appointed their deputies

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has told club predicted by watch sport events management his intention to update the team`s defense during the summer transfer window. According to Mirre, the Portuguese has decided to part with Chris Smiling and Phil Jones, who started as central defenders in the Newcastle fight and have taken a lot of criticism for their performance at St. James Park. Two of Manchester United`s competitors, City and Liverpool, have spent serious sums on central defenders this winter. Merseyside paid ? 75m for Virginie Van Dijk, while `citizens` took Eimerik Laport for 57 million. Mourinho has asked the bosses also to make a significant sum for new players in this area. According to Mirr, they are Harry Lewis`s Harry Maguire and Real Madrid`s French defender Rafael Varan. The release adds that in the next match, Mourinho will bet Marcos Roho and Victor Lindelof, who will start as a pair of central defenders. Portuguese Bobby`s boyfriend Erick Bayie missed the last three months for an injury. He must return to play by the end of February.

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