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Barca threw a lot of pot for gray victory

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Leader in Primera Barcelona beat 2-0 hard on his visit to Aubar in a 24th round match played at almost continuous rain at Ippuura stadium. The Catalans persisted for a lot of success, with the hosts pushing to catch up with even less. Luis Suarez scored a goal in the 16th minute, and Jordi Alba had a tranquillizer in the 88th. In the 66th, Fabian Oreyana was expelled for an incessant reaction. `Blaugranas` made a lot of mistakes, and in an assault they acted quite impassively. In the end, Barca won three points and breathed more calmly before the first Chelsea battle in the Champions League.

Despite the forthcoming match mentioned by record for football predictions in London, Ernesto Valverde bet on what he thinks is the usual champions without underestimating his rival. Luis Suarez led the attack, supported by Lionel Messi in a 4-4-1-1 lead. Philippe Coutinho remained in reserve, and Paulineo entered Andres Iniesta. Gerard Picket had overcome his knee pain and started from the first minute. The hosts started ambitiously and pressed high. Even before the minute the Basques had struck a dangerous blow. After the ball was lifted in from the left, Jose Angel was able to make the score 1 -In the second minute again, tensions were created in the looscale penal field, but they managed to kill. At the sixth, Camp Nou`s guests also showed teeth in attack. Luis Suarez slipped to the edge of the ambush, overtook the goalkeeper, but saw no chance of shooting and back to Jordi Alba, whose shot was blocked. Within a minute, Jose Luis Mendilibar`s boys organized a speeding attack that ended with a powerful shot over Fabian Oreyana`s beam. A minute later, Kicking Garcia got to the right, pocketed Pique and fired at the near corner - Marc-Andre ter Stegen was in place and screaming. In the 12th Ivan Ramis won the air duel at the fourth corner before the door of the German. After his blow, the ball went into the keeper`s arms.

Eibar played harder, but the Catalans found the result. In the 16th minute, Messi slipped away Luis Suarez, who had time to help goalkeeper Marco Dmitrovic and head into the empty door. The Basques responded two minutes later. Oreya transferred Ter Sergen, but he was not lucky and the ball found the crossbar to get out.

In the 23rd Pique delayed in the penalty area and risked the ball being taken away by Takahashi Inuy. Seconds later, Oreyana collided with Samuel Yumtiti but did not get a penalty despite the demands. The hosts continued to build the more dangerous attacks in the game. Valverde`s lineup was too distraught in both phases of the game. Thus in the 32nd Messi mistaken for the touch, the Basques took advantage of the empty space and for two seconds Kicking Garcia with a ball in the legs in the penalty area, `burns` and shoots off the beam.

In the 37th Luis Suarez again slipped and the goalkeeper again flipped. Following a pass back to Messi, Leo turned the ball across the diagonal to hit the far beam. In the 42nd La Pulga cleverly led Jordi Alba but the left defender did not make a good shot, pressed by a defender. As a whole, the Barcellons did not play well before the break, but they went home in the dressing room with a null advance.

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