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Liverpool already identified Emre Zhang`s deputy

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Liverpool already has an idea who will replace Emre Zhang if the midfielder decides to leave after the season. In recent months, it is hard to say that the Germans have agreed to move into Juventus after his contract with Merseyside expires in the summer. Liverpool, on the other hand, thinks he should take Napoli Georgino`s midfielder. The 26-year-old Brazilian with an Italian passport makes a very strong season. He has become a major part of Maurizio Sarri and Napoli will certainly not let him go easy. He is also very interested in other teams like Manchester City and Manchester United. If, however, Napoli decides to sell George, the club will surely make a big profit. The midfielder was attracted to San Paolo from Verona in 2013 against 9, 5 million euros, while now his price is at least five times higher. He has a contract with the club from sport livestream for another two years.

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