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Dembele did not chew his food, so he was often injured

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Barcelona`s multi-million dollar summer addition, Ousmane Dembele, still does not match his game for his over 100 million euros. According to Spanish radio Cadena SER in the dressing room of the Catalans are concerned about the way of life of the French wing and think that some harmful habits prevent him from optimizing his shape. Dameel did not pay attention to what he ate and how he ate it. A few days ago, the German Bild came up with news that Borussia`s former footballer (Dortmund) literally `swallowed` his lunch and barely chewed his food. This was the cause of frequent injuries. The nightlife of Dembele also made a serious impact on the rider of the sport regime. The French player stood up during the match predicted by buy winning football picks between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid yesterday, but was never mentioned by Ernesto Valverde for entry into the game.

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