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Málaga sold all tickets to Barcelona

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In Malaga they are ready for Barcelona`s upcoming Saturday night. More than 30, 000 spectators are expected to play the La Rocabelle stands for the meeting between La Liga`s last and the first, and the club has already announced that all of the tickets for the event are sold out. The difference between the two teams is 56 points - Barca is on the top with 69 games after 27 games via football picks while Malaga is on the bottom with only 13 points won and only three victories in 27 fights. The hosts have no win since December 10, 2017, and their last point came on January 27 this year (0:0 against Girona). In their last six Championship matches, Los Boccerones has six losses.

Barcelona`s last visit to this stadium ended with a defeat on April 8 last year`s Malaga Slamrosa Los Cules with goals from Sandro Ramirez and Johnny to beat 2-0, thus beating Real Madrid seriously on the way to the title.

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