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Matthew got to Mercyker after the unusual admission

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Per Mergeser`s words that the tensions in his football had come in more were not well accepted by Lothar Matthew. The captain of Germany from the 1990 World Cup criticized his countryman for what he said in the Spiegel interview. Arsenal`s captain, who at the end of the season is giving up on football, admits he is not enjoying the game and hopes he will not have to play anymore. Mertscher explained how he was still uncertain at the 2006 World Championship and enjoyed the drop of the semifinals. Interestingly, Merstacker is now set to work in Arsenal`s school.

After all, how does Perr expect to continue to be part of professional football? He will have to teach young players to professionalism and at the same time he says the tension is great. So things will not happen, Mattheus said. Merklecker also revealed that he lived in fear of a decisive goal because of his mistake. This is why constantly before the games advised by watch sport events returned from stress.

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