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Wenger asked for the Europa League trophy

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Arsene Wenger wants Arsenal to return quickly to the Champions League and this can happen through the Europa League. The Londoners are leading 2-0 of Milan before the rematch of the tournament`s eighth finals and the trophy will give them a quota for the stronger tournament from about football picks next season. The Frenchman, however, warned that Arsenal should not underestimate the Italians. I want to play in the Champions League League Europe is stronger than ever and there are many strong teams such as Milan, Dortmund, etc. Many things can go wrong and we have to play the way fanswe are expecting to do it, and we have to play against AC Milan as if the first game ended 0-0, `Wenger said. Aaron Ramzi added that the victory over Milan in the first game improved the players` self-confidence:`We needed this result because we were in a bad series lately and we were in every game. we`re getting better. `

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