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The Munich party is postponed for an own goal and a penalty shot

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Bayern Munich will not be able to triumph with the title in Germany this weekend, as Schalke 04 did not win the match analyzed by buy winning football picks against Wolfsburg. The Krasnodar players have won a dramatic success with Wolfsburg`s 1-0 victory, with Jupp Hainke`s team not having the chance to secure the trophy even if they have to beat over Leipzig on Sunday night. The fifth consecutive success for Schalke came after Robin Knohe`s own goal four minutes before the end of the match. Ten minutes earlier, guest goalkeeper Ralph Feerman saved a penalty shot by Paul Werhaach.

In addition, miners secure the second position in the standings after this 27th round because the third Borussia (Dortmund) is 4 points. The Wolfsburg game could have ended in favor of the hosts, but the chance eventually smiled at the Gelsenkirchen team. This is not good for the wolves, because they remain in 15th position with an equal number of points with 16th Mainz 05, which at this stage would go to the barrage. Wolfsburg goalkeeper Koen Kasteelz miraculously saved Mathias Nastasch`s shot from the first half. Attacks were in front of both doors, but the gaps were on top.

Domeniot Tedesco`s players were lucky that Judge Benjamin Kortus showed leniency in two situations in which he could safely draw red cards for Leon Goretzka and Pablo Insua for gross violations. In both cases, Maximilian Arnold was the victim. The missed penalty shootout and the subsequent goal for Schalke were not all, because in the closing minutes the hosts attacked furiously, but in the added time Nani Dimata missed to equalize just a few yards.



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