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La Angelo Bol will participate in the Draft

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The average of the three brothers Bol officially declared their participation in this year`s NBA Draw. Lange Angel currently plays in Lithuania and hopes to go in the footsteps of Lonzo, who was voted No. 2 by the Los Angeles Lakers last year and is the main player of the team this season.

At the moment, LiAngelo is a Lithuanian player from Vitaustas, and in May he will take part in a series of training sessions in front of the NBA Scouts in Miami to help them appreciate it. Before his European adventure he was not considered good enough for a League team but his steady performance, especially in the three-shot shooting, changed things and he would have a chance to prove himself as a potential choice in the Draft.

The 196-cm Bowl has 9 league matches mentioned by record for football predictions in Lithuania, where he scores 15. 7 points for 24. 6 minutes of playing time. He is Vitautas`s most effective shooter from the three-point zone, managing 45% 0% of his shots (27/60). His stats are complemented by 2. 9 rebounds, 0. 8 assists and 0. 7 withdrawn balls.

In Lithuania he plays with the youngest of Lavar Bol - Lamelo`s three heirs.

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