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LeBron leveled Jordan

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LeBron James caught up with Michael Jordan and equalized his achievement for the most consecutive double-dot matches. The Cavaliers` winger scored at least 10 points in 866 consecutive fights, as Jordan had done, and accidentally or not, this happened against Charlotte, a team whose owner is exactly the legendary guard of Chicago and six-time NBA champion.

33-year-old James reached the 10-point limit in the middle of the second quarter, and then led his team to a convincing victory of 118:105 against Hornets. LeBron finished with 41 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists, and 1 took a 37 minute ball.

The last game in which Brawne has scored less than 10 points dates back to January 5, 2007 when he finished with only 8 against Milwaukee Bucks. His two-digit series has been extended for more than 11 years. The Jordan series has been in more than 15 years. He did not manage to reach 10 on March 22, 1986, when as a Chicago player he scored 8 on Cavaliers, and then something similar happened on December 27, 2001, when he was 38 and finished with just 6 points in a match mentioned by about football picks ofWashington vs. Indiana.

Karim Abdul-Jabar ranks Jordan and James in the league with 787 consecutive matches with at least 10 points. LeBron is the leader among the active players, followed by James Harden (257 games) and Demarkus Cozens (162 games).

I`m 23 for Mike. I fell in love with this game because of him because of everything he has accomplished. When you look at Michael Jordan, it`s like watching a god. So I did not think I could be Mike, James said after equalizing his idol.

LeBron`s strides shifted from the spotlight to the performance of Kemba Walker by Charlotte, who is now No. 1 in club history. The guard shifted from top Del Curry, scoring 21 points against Cavis, and now has 9841 points for Hornets.

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