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Inter does not intend to separate with Icardi

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Inter does not have any intention of breaking up with top scorer Mauro Icardi. This was stated by the sports director of the club, Piero Ausilio. The 25-year-old Argentine is increasingly urged to transfer to Real Madrid in the summer, but the intention of the `Nerazzurri` is to keep him on the Giuseppe Meazza with a new contract. `I can not tell you exact amounts because we have not had a conversation about it, but there is a desire and pleasure to move forward together. ` There is no problem, because Ikardi has a contract for another three years, and this is important. an important player for Inter and knows it. Mauro has already renewed his contract three times after coming to the club according football picks and we will be happy to keep him for many years, `Ausillo said. The boss also showed his confidence in the coach Luciano Spaleti, who will also keep his post next season. `We are very happy with it and there is no problem Spaleti is the present and the future of Inter, and there is nothing to worry about, ` the director added.

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