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CR7 masterpiece crawl:Only some of us can do it!

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Former English national Peter Crouch is famous for both his stature and specific physics, and his unique sense of humor. The two-meter striker currently plays for Stoke City, and in his best years he was part of Liverpool and Tottenham, and during his stay, Anfield scored a goal that gave him the right to stand side by side with Cristiano Ronaldo, thoughfunny tone. Real Madrid`s Real Madrid scorer scored a 3-0 victory over Juventus in the Champions League last night, leaving the legendary Canlugi Buffon in place with a perfectly executed back scissor. Crouch, 37, also scored a similar scuffle in the tournament via sport livestream against Galatasaray in the 2006/2007 season.

That`s what made him write the following in his Twitter account when CR7 penetrated Juve`s network last night - There are only a few of us who can do this by referring to the similar performances of the two. Crouch`s instant entry became an instant hit and fans liked it 141, 000 times, and the share was also a poster - 53, 000. Despite his specific physics and high stature, Crouch has scored similar hits many times, and against Galatasaray, he has similar goals against Stoke City and Bolton - first with Portsmouth and then with Liverpool.

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