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The legends of Bayern have re-signed

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Two of the Bayern Munich badges - Franck Ribery and Arien Robben - re-signed with the club and will remain at the Allianz Arena for another year - by the summer of 2019. The information is Bild and has not been officially confirmed by the club, but can be considered as safe. A few days ago, after the Bavarians won the sixth consecutive title in the Bundesliga, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge hinted that Robben and Ribery would be offered new contracts. They are 34 and 35, respectively, but this did not prevent them from playing a total of 64 games in all the tournaments this season. Ribery has been part of Bayern since 2007 while Robben joined the club two years later. So far, the Frenchman has 382 matches and 117 goals for the Bavarians, while the Dutchman has 286 matches via fixfootballpicks and 138 hits.

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