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Star with a record title in Serbia

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Red Star players beat Nopredak (Krushevac) 2-0 and so legalized their championship title in Serbia. The starters triumph with gold for a total of 28th time in their history, taking the lead in front of their big Belgrade rival, Partizan, since the two capital teams have been the top titles in local football with 27 trophies from the elite division.

In fact, Vladan Miloevich`s players legalized their record against the team, which had their only defeat in the season so far - on October 1, 2017. Since then, the team from Rayko Mitic has been in a series of 23 consecutive defeats without loss.

Nenad Krsticic opened the score for 1:0 in the 79th minute, and in the last 90th Alexander Pesic scored for 2:0 from a penalty. . Success was under No. 29 for the team during the season, and with today`s three points the difference to the second in the rankings Partizan was 12 points in three remaining rounds - 51 vs. 39 in the championship analyzed by contact football tispters playoff. After 34 rounds, Star has 29 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss.

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