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Casayas hopes for a new contract with Porto

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Porto Iker Casiyas goalkeeper does not intend to end his career and hopes to sign a new contract. Dragons triumphed with the title in Portugal, and Casillas` contract expires in June 2017/2018. `I want to stay in the club I do not know what will happen in the future, ` said Cassiyas, quoted by Diario As, perhaps I have played my last game predicted by football partners at Etadio to Dragao, but think about the endI do not have a career I want to keep playing football as high as possible If Porto offers me a new contract, I will gladly accept it But if they do not offer me I will look for other options In the current season Cassiyas has 31 matchesfor Porto in all tournaments, having missed 19 goals and in 18 games has kept its net dry.

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