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Parma with a new ambitious goal

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The newcomer to Serie A Parma has the ambitious goal of attracting Mario Balotelli to his ranks. Interestingly, the teams of Roma, Napoli and Borussia (Dortmund) are also interested in the Italian. Balotelli will be a free agent from July 1, after refusing to re-sign her contract with French Nice. Now Parma`s team, which has won a promotion for Italy`s elite, is in the queue for Balotelli`s signature, says Corriere della Sera.

A problem for the Emilia-Romagna club via watch livescore might be the annual salary of the striker, who received 4 million euros per season in League 1. Balotelli is currently preparing with Italy`s national team to take control of SaudiArabia, France and the Netherlands.

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