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De Counting defended Pep from the attacks of Toure Yaya

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Manchester City midfielder Kevin de Bruyne commented on the sharp accusations of his former teammate Toure Yaya over manager Josep Guardiola. The Catherine doubted that Pep had treated him badly because he was a dark man, but De Bourne did not agree. It would be strange for Guardiola to be a racist, given that we have so many black boys in the team. I do not know exactly what Eagle said - whether his words were exaggerated or wrongly betrayed. When you do not play, you usually look for some reason to catch, De DeBehne said.

We did the best season in the history of the club, and that means the coach has made the right decisions. Perhaps Guardiola has determined that Eagle is not in optimal form. I have never been racist in Manchester City, `added the Belgian national.

Toure Yaya`s agent Dmitry Seluk continued his attack on Pep. In addition to threatening the Catalan specialist with spells of African shamans to prevent him from succeeding, Selluk said, `There are many big money deals from different countries, but we decided to dedicate the next Guardiola season. My client is ready to go into any team of the top 6 in England against a weekly pay of one pound. `

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