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Gattuso:We surpassed Napoli for 60 minutes

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Bitter loss by Napoleon 3:2 days ago will leave a positive footprint on Milan, who must now think about his next battle of the championship - meeting with Roma. Rosario`s coach Gennaro Gatuzo analyzed his team`s loss of visiting San Paolo in front of the club`s TV channel and also boasted Gonzalo Iguaine`s debut with the red-black jersey.

We`ve been masters on the pitch for almost an hour, and we have made it hard for our opponent. Then we allowed a goal and gave way to the pitch. This is the bitter thing in the fight. We have to work on our mentality and analyze the meeting as a team. We are strong, but we must smooth some mistakes. We will need time, even though we do not have enough of it, `said Gatuso.

We are a team that defends with all the players, not just with Lucas Bilia. The first goal mistake is not his alone. Mussachio could also take the ball back to the goalie. We are still at the beginning of the season and this can happen. Iguaine? I am very pleased with his performance, although we could use it better. He has contributed to both goals because he`s positioned brilliantly, Reno continued. We need to prepare well for Roma because this is a strong team. We`ll get the positive things out of the game by football partners with Napoli. They are very, because not everyone can play in San Paolo in such a way, the Milan coach finished.

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