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The tale of Baba Neymar playing on the street

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League 1 introduced the new star to the soccer world, Juel Kita. The attacker was found in Guinea by Dijon`s scout unit and is already impressed by his appearances on French terrain. Four months ago, Keita played in the streets of Conakry, abandoned by his former agents, and on Saturday he scored two goals in the door of Nice.

In Guinea, Keita is known for the nickname `Baba Neymar` (Baby Neymar). Soon the discovery of Dijon will meet the real Neymar, and the young man will not wait for it to happen. Last Saturday, the striker scored two goals and assisted Nice against his 4-0 victory. Keita walks his way from poverty to big football for only four months. Abandoned by his former agents, the young man plays on the street without money and no documents.

The Kate is one of many unpredictable stories of African football. The 20-year-old footballer is left without a team for a year, forced to move to Conakry to survive. He returned to Guinea after a year and a half in the junior fomals of French Bettia, who attracted him to his team from FC Athuga. After the French team`s bankruptcy, his agents disappeared without leaving him, leaving him without money. For Keith, it is impossible to return to France and so forced to keep a shape on the street.


Dijon sends his scouts after a local signal that there is a great talent on the streets. In July, after a short but positive test, Keita signed her 3-year contract with the French team. On August 11, the young man made his debut in League One and days ago he made his first hits:Guinea is called Grandma Neymar and I hope I will become better than he already dreamed of Keita.

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