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Valladolid does not stop surprising

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The new Valladolid has continued his magnificent series in La Liga and has achieved a fourth consecutive victory today. In a 9th round match, senior coach Sergio Gonzalez scored 1:0 as a guest on Betti eurotender. In his last three meetings, Valladolid did not win this result.
The success today brought Antonio in the 35th minute after assisting Tony Suarez. Valladolid is in sixth place with 15 points, while Bettis is 10th with 12 points.

The match via sport livestream of Benito Viajamarin started with an expected domestic pressure. A long shot from Loren Moron did not hurt Jordie Massip and the visitors` defense was flawless and did not allow any clear position to be put in front of their goal in the first half. In the 35th minute, however, Suarez saw the sprinter Antonio and found him with a pass and the midfielder made Pau Lopez helpless.
During the second half, the action was entirely in the half of Valladolid, but without Massip having to intervene decisively. Most of the footballers hit the green-white or were at a distant distance, or crossed high above the crossbar.





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