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FA ejected a team from the English Cup for 10 pounds

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England`s low-scoring team was dumped administratively by the FA Cup tournament with a decision today because no 10-pound fine was paid to their player.

Lidderland Remics, who is competing in the ninth level of football, has landed without knowing this footballer without paying a fine after a penalty. This happened when they won the Preliminary Round against Charnk Richard on August 11th.

The player played in another team where the punishment was imposed, and in the summer he joined the Merseyside County League Team. Although we considered the case and tried to defend ourselves in the best possible way, today the Football Association decides it according to its rules and accepts that the footballer has proved irregular, the club said.

This is a huge blow with a series of different negative consequences for us, including financial losses from a withdrawn prize pool, future ticket revenues, and one-time ad revenue for tournament matches against stronger opponents.

The sanctions are really significant for such a small offense, which is not our fault at the top of it. But we must obviously accept it and be reconciled, while at the same time learning our lesson. And next year we will return stronger, says the club via watch livescore statement. In this situation, Charles Richard continues on his own and on September 4 he will play in the next round against Leake Town.

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