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Kouttinho convinced Alison to Liverpool with superlatives for the club

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Liverpool`s former favorite of fans, Philippe Coutinho, who decides to leave Merseyside to continue his career in Barcelona, played an important role in convincing his compatriot Alison to move to Anfield in the summer. This was revealed by the goalkeeper himself, who only heard good words about the club and manager Juergen Klop of Kouttinho. `I spoke to Philippe before the start of the World Championship, because I knew at the time Liverpool was interested, we talked about standard things about the organization, the structure and the headquarters of the club, but we also talk about the family atmosphere that is felt there, It`s not just a football club predicted by fixfootballpicks but a big family, and Philippe was very kind about Jurgen Klop and the Liverpool players who told me there was no vanity, but the team was very ambitious and had a great desire to winI felt this on the pitch during the semifinalswe all talked and learned that Kouttinho`s family felt very well and was very happy when he lived here, all that Kouttinho said was added to what I personally witnessed, who I played on Anfield, and got even bigger sense, `Alison revealed.

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