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Good omen for Belgium before the 1/2-final with France

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Belgium is preparing to face France in an exciting semi-final clash at the World Championship in Russia from 9pm on Tuesday. Statistics show that historically the Red Devils may feel favorites because they have eliminated Brazil, and since 1986 everyone who has done so has been on the podium.

Since the end of 1986, the elimination phase has included the finals (just before the semi-finals and the finals) and then France eliminated the semis of the quarterfinals after 1:1 and 4:3 in the penalty shootout. The cocks then drop out of West Germany (0:2) but win the battle with Belgium 4:2 after the third place.

World Cup 1990 Argentina defeats 1-0 Brazil at the end of the season and then loses the final in Rome from West Germany with 0:1. The Brazilians won the title in the 94th, lost the French final mentioned by football picks in the 98th and were champions again in 2002. In 2006, they gave France a 0:1 quarter-finals, and then the cocks were overtaken by Italy with penalties for the world title.

In 2010, Brazil fell 1:2 from the Netherlands in the quarterfinals and the tulips were defeated by Spain with 1:0 in a 120-minute battle. In 2014, the Cecilia is humiliated with 1:7 from Germany, which subsequently won the 1:0 title over Argentina with extra time.

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