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Operations for Carlos Sanchez are needed

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West Ham midfielder Carlos Sanchez will have to undergo knee surgery for an injury he received during the League Cup match with Macklesfield Town last month. Colonel Sanchez, who arrived in the summer of Fiorentina in Italy, played just 9 minutes on a 8-0 victory over the fourth-level team in English and had to be replaced. Carlos had to wait a little over two weeks to undergo the operation that was needed, hammer manager Manuel Pellegrini said at a press conference ahead of a Brighton meeting in the Premier League

`The problem is with the linkson the knee. So the operation is imperative to solve this case and return to the field. Javier Hernandez-Chicharito has resumed workouts after overcoming a gland of inflammation, but he has a big questioning whether he will be in the group for the match. West Ham is at 14th place in the standings, and in the last three games they scored 7 points after their weak start. And they go to the match from football partners with Brighton after a 3-1 win over Manchester United. `Brighton is a strong team, solid, and have the same manager for several seasons, a factor that should not be overlooked, ` said Pellegrini, `we are looking forward to a tough match, Brighton also defeated Manchester United, so we are fully aware of the specifics of the upcoming meeting. `

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