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Robertson:Liverpool was unbelievable, we should not slow down

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Liverpool defender Andrew Robertson summed up the team`s performance in 2018 in an interview with the official website of the English Football Club. The 24-year-old hopes he will be able to win a trophy with the red team next year.
`Liverpool was amazing at Anfield, for example, we can remember last season`s Champions League games, it`s been an incredible year, and I`m confident that fans are happy with our performance, ` Robertson said.

`Now we have to start well in 2019 because we did not win anything this year, the team was close to the trophy in May, and it is a good start for the new season but it all depends on our game mentioned by sport livestream in 2019. I hope we will wintrophy, `added the defender.

`We should not slow down now, but it will be good if we continue in the same spirit, but everyone knows that things in the Premier League are changing very quickly. ` Who expected that Manchester City would not take points against Crystal Palace and Leicester City. I`m not trying to show disrespect, but we all thought they were inviolable, so it was the top-notch difference, so it would be foolish to think the same thing can not happen to Liverpool, so we should always playto 100 percent If we succeed, I`m confident we`ll achieve something specialreal, `Robertson told Liverpool`s website.

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