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Chercassov did not watch the penalty shootout:It`s just the beginning, no need to lose emotions

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Russia won against Spain, but this will not be the end of the World Cup football team, national coach Stanislav Chercsewov hopes. `The emotions are great, but this game is over and it`s time to look at the next one, we`ve done a lot of work, and now we have time to do even more, to check who can play and who. ` Zirkov has an injury and probably will notplay more if we do not get to the finish, the rest can show even more, purely physical, `said the coach of` Sbornaya `.


`We had to play in a new system because of the cards and this was a difficult decision. It is not our favorite system, but we have to play so and thank the players for understanding what, how and where they have to do. I thank them for winning this game mentioned by football partners and I do not make a single footballer to do this or that, I only give an idea and they have to perceive it, feel it, have to believe in what we are doing, `continued the Russian national coach.

`Spain beat us twice in the European Championship - 3:0 and 4:1. ` They were better than us in almost all respects and this time we wanted to counterattack. `If we had chosen another tactic, for example with four defenders, we get, `he continued. When asked why he did not watch the penalties, Chertsov replied:`I believe this is just the beginning, so I`m trying to save my emotions. `


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