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Football predictions Clop:For the first time we are on a level with Man City

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop believes that for the first time under his leadership, his team is on the same level as Manchester City, although last season the Merseyside beat the `citizens` three times. On Thursday, the champion beat 2:1 over the `red` and came four points behind the leader in the standings. `From my point of view, we have never been on the same level as Manchester City, yes, we have a victory against them at Pep, but even in those matches, City was the better team, we scored many goals and we defendedwell, but the possession of the ball was 60/40 in their favor, but we were winning 50/50 now . .

In the last game we had our moments, we created different problems in this match compared to the problems they hadwe did before.

But they also adapted to the new situation very well We did not have such spaces as we hadprevious matches. This match predicted by sport livestream was open until the very end and this is the best thing you can say about your team when you play against City, `said Klopp. The German does not think Manchester City`s defeat will affect the performance of its players. `The players were experienced enough to deal with the losses It was not the first for us in the season It was the first in the league but before that we recorded three or four defeats and we always responded well after them.

We were not lucky at the crucial moment, but this is normal because you can not always be lucky, we lost, which is not very pleasant, but everyone saw it as a very challenged match. `

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