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Football pick The Netherlands and the derby from Italy and Spain on the MAX Sport on the weekend

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Two rounds before the end of the championship advised by football partners in Dutch Eredivisie, Ajax and PSV Eindhoven are at the top with 80 points. The Amsterdam Grand Prix has a slight advantage, but the shocking drop of Tottenham Hotspur at the Champions League finals will certainly affect the confidence of the young team of Eric Ten Hag. He watched live the match in the title fight in the Netherlands with the direct transmission of the Ajax matches;Utrecht (MAX Sport 1) and AZ Alkmaar -;PSV Eindhoven (MAX Sport 2) on May 12 from 3:30 pm

XXXVI round of the Italian Serie A will offer fans two big derbies. On Saturday at 21:30, Fiorentina hosts Milan. Rosoneries will pursue a mandatory victory to keep their chances of participating in the Champions League next year, while hosts are playing the season.

On Sunday at 21:30 another team with the ambition to participate in the Champions League next season -;Roma, welcoming the title of Juventus to Olympiacos. Both derby of the Italian Serie A will be broadcast directly on MAX Sport 3.

Barcelona and Real Madrid are coming out for their penultimate matches in La Liga in a minor mood. The Catalans won the title, but in the week they were shocked to drop out of the Champions League after losing 0:4 from Liverpool. The white ballet lost trophy chances already in March and has been playing the season since then. Real Sociedad`s duels -;Real Madrid and Barcelona -;Getafe will be able to track directly on May 12 at 7:30 pm, respectively on MAX Sport 2 and MAX Sport 4.

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