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Boston Red Sox baseball player JD Martinez became the first in history to receive two Silver Slugger awards for the same season in Major League Baseball. Playing as a DH and outfielder, the 31-year-old American was voted Best Battery in both 2018 American League positions.

In the Red Socks Championship season, JD played 93 games as a DH and 57 games inoutfield (32 left, 25 right), hitting average. 330 with 43 home runs and 130 RBI. With these two prizes, Martinez already has a total of three in his career after being honored with the award and in 2015 as Detroit Tiger`s title right fielder.

The Silver Slugger poll includes the managers and coaches of the 30 Major League clubs mentioned by contact football tispters . They name one name for each of the defensive positions (in the AL, they vote for DH instead of pitcher) and are not allowed to select players from their own team. The vote ends before the end of the regular season and does not cover the playoffs.

Four of the winners in this year`s chart have already been awarded the Golden Glove and have made the double as the best players in their positions in both defense and offense in 2018. They are catcher El Salvador Perez (Kansas City Royals)) and outfielder Mookie Bets (Boston Red Sox) in the AL and third baseman Nolan Arenado (Colorado Rockies) and outfielder Nick Markakis (Atlanta Braves) in the NL.


American League

DH JD Martinez Boston Red Sox (3)

C El Salvador Perez Kansas City Royals (2)

1B Jose Abreu Chicago White Sox (2)

2B Jose Altuwe Houston Astros (5)

3B Jose Ramirez Cleveland Indians (2)

SS Francisco Lindor Cleveland Indians (2)

OF Bets Bets Boston Red Sox (2)

OF Mike Trout Los Angeles Angels (6)

OF JD Martinez Boston Red Sox (3)

National League

P Herman Marquez Colorado Rockies (1)

C Jay Realmuto Miami Marlins (1)

1B Paul Goldsmith Arizona Diamondbacks (4)

2B Javier Baes Chicago Kubs (1)

3B Nolan Arenado Colorado Rockies (4)

SS Trevor Story Colorado Rockies (1)

OF Nick Marakis Atlanta Braves (1)

OF David Peralta Arizona Diamondbacks (1)

OF Christian Yelich Milwaukee Brewers (2)

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