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Football prediction Gasperini:Scandalous Judge

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Atalanta coach Can Piero Gasperini was furious with referee Luca Bunti after losing 0-2 to Lazio in the Italian Cup final. He had a claim for an unanswered penalty in favor of his team playing Bastosch`s hand in the penalty area.

These finals are always on the edge of the razor. We had a good position in the first part, we hit the beams twice, but our luck turned our backs and the opponent managed to lead first. I didn`t see Bastosht playing a hand in the penalty box. This is very serious because the ball was going to the door. This incident deserved to be addressed with SAR. I didn`t like the refereeing of Luca Banty during the match. This could change the course of the match. This is serious, unfair and unacceptable. We can swallow the loss because Lazio is a good team and the match predicted by watch sport events was contested. But such situations are unacceptable. I was not angry before looking at the recurrence of the situation. The players told me that there was a hand game, but I thought it was one of those absurd situations we saw quite a few shootings during the season. In fact, it turned out that he was quite obviously playing with the ball. Even with a penalty, we might not win again, but it is ugly to see such things. Not to mention that Bashtosh already had yellow card before. If there was no VAR in the stadium, I would have swallowed it, but in this case it is simply inexplicable. It is simply scandalous, said Gasperini.

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