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Football predictions Historical zero for Dallas and divisional title is still on logs

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Dallas remained on standby for the NFC East title. Instead of a place in the playoffs, the Cowboys gained historic zero when visiting Indianapolis. The so-called All-America Team had not experienced such humiliation since November 16, 2003. A 0:23 defeat proved to be their first unbeaten point after a series of 251 consecutive games.
Seattle remained waiting for the playoffs. Sea hawks landed in a mud on the Leviades stage, losing for the first time in five years since San Francisco. And from a team that at the start of the day had the worst performance in the entire League! Sebastian Janikovski missed the shot for an extra point, and seconds later he saw rookie Richie James Jr. fly past him, returning a 97-yard touchdown pass. Seattle earned 148 yards of penalties and fell 23:26 after overtime. That way, their position as a leader in the wild card fight at NFC will be under serious attack Sunday as they host Kansas City.
The only winners of the playoffs this weekend were Chicago. The Bears became NFC North champions after 24:17 at home against Green Bay. Mitchell Trubiski pitched two touchdowns, and Eddie Jackson put an end to Aaron Rodgers` 402 run streak without interception, crossing the ball into the home side.
New England waved goodbye to home advantage in the AFC, losing 10:17 in Pittsburgh. Week after Nightmare in Miami Brady u0026 Co. recorded their fifth loss out of this season, finishing with a score of 3-5 outside the home vest stage. Broken Rib playmaker Ben Rootlisberger (22 of 34 for 235 yards) reported touchdown passes to Vance McDonald and Antonio Brown, and Jason Samuels ran 142 yards for the hosts. So, for the second consecutive week, New England postponed celebrations for the title in AFC East. Something more -;In order to qualify for the Patriots Conference, they will need to win at least once as playoff guests to reach Super Bowl LIII. And to win a elimination game predicted by buy winning football picks away from home has only been given once in the last five attempts.

Kansas City -;LA Chargers 28:29

NJ Jets -;Houston 22:29

Denver -;Cleveland 16:17

Atlanta -;Arizona 40:14

Buffalo -;Detroit 14:13

Chicago -;Green Bay 24:17

Cincinnati -;Auckland 30:16

Indianapolis -;Dallas 23:0

Minnesota -;Miami 41:17

NJ Cants -;Tennessee 0:17

Jacksonville -;Washington 13:16

Baltimore -;Tampa Bay 20:12

San Francisco -;Seattle 26:23 p. m.

Pittsburgh -;New England 17:10

LA Rams -;Philadelphia 23:30

Carolina -;New Orleans 9:12

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